AX7: Perform full build

To perform a full build on AX7, on VS go to “Dynamics ‘AX 7’\Build models…”:


You can perform the build with the option select all, but if you are sure that you don’t need to build all packages because you don’t have any changes on those, I advise you to select the Application Suite and the option “Build referenced models”. This will build the Application Suite and all the models that have references to that model.


On the “Options” tab, check the option below and if you need to build the Aggregate Measurements and Run BP, use the check boxes below.


Tip: Microsoft advise to use the minimum of 16GB of RAM and 2 cores, but if you can increase the RAM and the cores of your VM, this will result in a faster build process.

AX7: Perform full build

3 thoughts on “AX7: Perform full build

  1. Have you found any way to do this via the command line? I need to create my own automated build (Yes, I know VSTS can do this, but we will not be keeping our code on VSTS. We will be keeping it on an in-house GIT repository).


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